Transport / Assistance

Cargo for trucks / vehicles of 33 pallets / 24 tons, either at controlled temperature (cold and frozen) or ambient temperature, at national and international level.

Cargas Completas

Artemar provides its customers a service that allows availability, flexibility, quality and commitment through its system of dedicated trucks / heavy vehicles.

The ability to find solutions 100% adapted to customers’ needs, the logistics control, the guarantee of maintenance of the cold chain, the constant process of improvement, professionals with experience of management in logistics and shipping (transports), makes us an example of responsiveness with a customized service.

Main areas of activity we work are:

– Vehicles / trucks with controlled temperature of various capacities of cargo.

– Isothermal vehicles adapted to customer needs.

Distribution nationwide of goods / products by killo or by pallet from our logistics center in Olival / Vila Nova Gaia / Oporto.

Distribuicao Grupagem

Servicos de assistência Pesados

  • Roadside truck assistance with the following costs:
    – Service charge: 60 €.
    – Cost per km in travel from our facilities in Porto: 0,75 € / km.
    – Hand labor cost: 40 € / hora.
    – Values adds to the cost of parts needed to repair.
  • Tractor with driver available for urgent loads and discharges replacement of defective tractor for 1.2 € / km from our facilities.
  • Number to contact: +351 969 366 645.
  • Budget to mechanical services like oil changes / breaks repair / clutches and other mechanical services at our facilities in Vila Nova Gaia / Oporto.

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