Artemar has a varied fleet that allows you to meet the different specificities of each type of service. With a view to protecting the environment, Artemar is replacing diesel vehicles with gas vehicles, thereby reducing the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere as well as particles.
Artemar bets on dedicated trucks and full trucks / freights with the objective of using the maximum capacity of all its vehicles.

The company currently has on its staff 40 drivers and 40 trucks.


– 15 semi-trailers with capacity 24 tones;
– 15 trucks with capacity 19 tons (20 pallets);
– 5 trucks with capacity 12 tons (10 pallets);
– 5 vans with capacity 1500-2000 kgs;

Semi-trailers 24 tones 38%
Trucks 19 tons 38%
Trucks 12 tons 12%
Vans 1,5/2 tons 12%
Controlled Temperature:

95% of the company´s fleet are equipped with cool boxes and temperature control systems with thermal imagers, giving guaranties to its customers to the temperature at which the transports / shipping’s were made, avoiding any break in the cold chain.

The company has 40 vehicles with capacity from 5 to 33 pallets, or from 1.500 kgs to 24.000 kgs.