Company Presentation

Evolution of the Company

ARTEMAR was formed in late 1985 as an intermediate firm in international trade (freight forwarder), focusing on costumer procedures for import / export to Germany.

In 1995, after the opening of national borders in the Common Market, the company began to develop to international road freight, benefiting from the extensive network of contacts in Europe.

In 2005 the company invests in cold vehicles (vehicles with cold boxes and temperature control for transportation of food products). In 2008 / 2009 we began to focus our efforts in dedicated vehicles (100% to a client) and full trucks / freight nationwide.

Over the years the company has consolidated its position in the domestic market, increasing the vehicle fleet and sustainability, adapting their processes and logistics, resulting in a turnover increase.

The company consists in a team of young, dynamic professionals with experience and education in management and logistics, prepared for the market challenges.

In its genesis the main activity of the company is shipping (transports) and storage of goods.

The Artemar Strategy

The strategy will continue to be to invest in controlled temperature transports / shipping, either in dedicated solutions either in full trucks (freight), as well as the transportation / shipping of full trucks / cargo / freight to Iberian and European markets. We will also continue to provide logistics services, warehousing / storage and nationwide distribution of goods / products.

With commitment and confidence we intend to meet the demands of the times, modernizing and contributing to the success of our customers, basing our strategy on 3 vectors:

  • Creating value in the service we provide to our customers.
  • Establish partnerships with customers and suppliers in order to obtain high degrees of efficiency in our work.
  • Respect the environment and the ethical and social values of the community in which we operate
Armazem Artemar


Provide quality transportation and excellence to their clients.


  • Recruitment Policy

    – Equal Opportunities.

    – Prioritise the recruitment of young.

    – Increase the level of qualifications.

    – Recruit workers consistent with the organization’s values.

    Objectives: Consolidate the company culture and provide the company with the human resources it needs.

  • Training Policy

    Increasing the skills according to the company strategy.

    Adequate levels of learning according to the service characteristics.

    Objectives:Training as an inducer instrument for continuous improvement.

  • Quality, Safety and Environment Policy

    Quality, Safety and Environment Policy

    – Integrate safety and quality of all employees in all our activities;

    – Promote and ensure the safety of employees and facilities.

    – Meet the needs of customers, providing services that meet and, if possible, exceed their expectations in order to get their satisfaction and loyalty;

    – Full compliance with legislation in force, fulfilling the required standards, investing in training and awareness and seeking to develop best management practices.

    Optional image title– Protect the environment by preventing pollution and minimizing the environmental impacts of the activities;

    – Ensure efficient use of resources, promoting the rational use of energy;

    – Ensure a safe and healthy working environment as a condition to prevent working accidents and occupational diseases;

    – Engage in awareness and training of employees in order to develop practical and actions aimed at improving the quality, the protection of the environment and achieving high levels of quality;

    Objectives: Ensure quality services to the clients, encouraging the involvement of all employees in management factors associated with quality, safety and environmental health.


The company´s activity is based on values that are principles that guide all their actions, activities.
These values stimulate the actions of the organization and transmit their business culture, promote internal cohesion and external differentiation.

  • We conduct our business with integrity, responsibility and ethics, we deal honestly with customers, suppliers and business partners, respecting made promises and commitments.

  • We are dedicated to our customers, which are the company´s most important active. Our obligation is to listen to them, understand their needs and satisfy them in a superior manner.
    Our activity involves finding quality solutions at the lowest cost for each market segment.
    Our goal is to keep the customer satisfied in the short, medium and long term, developing partnership relations with business and not just a supplier.

  • We demonstrate quality and excellence in the service we provide, evolving customers, suppliers, business partners and colleagues in a day to day bases.

Our Team